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As your professional real estate expert, I focus on client satisfaction.  My years in the business have provided me the experience and contacts to assist you with every real estate need. Whether it's finding you a home, finding the best loan, or helping you getting the most out of selling your home I am here to guide you. 

We are writing at the request of Reza Nour.  Reza represented us in 4 real estate transactions from 2010 to 2013. 

The first transaction was acquiring a rental property for our daughter.  We had contacted Reza on an afternoon after seeing his name on another rental sign.  Reza was prompt and courteous to help us even though the property was not his listing.  We were very impressed that he traveled approximately 20 miles to show us the property shortly after we contacted him.  (The property was in East Henderson, while Reza’s office was in West Las Vegas).  Because of Reza’s initiative, our daughter was able to acquire the house for rent.

Our second transaction with Reza was when we wanted to purchase a foreclosed home as a rental property.  Needless to say, purchasing a foreclosure had its problems, but Reza persevered, working with the bank that owned the home at that time.  He negotiated with the bank on our behalf and we were able to purchase the home at a great price.  Reza even helped us with some of the renovations so we could get the house suitable for a tenant.  I don’t know any other realtor that would even care about helping their client in getting the property ready. 

After about a year and half of being landlords, we decided that we wanted to sell our rental property.  Reza had it sold in one day.  Through his strategy, he was able to secure a cash buyer and worked with them to obtain for us, what we believe, was an optimal price.  We couldn’t have been happier.

Our fourth transaction with Reza was the sale of our residence upon our retirement.  We were downsizing and moving to Arizona when we contacted Reza and asked that he represent us in the sale of our home.    We had a very lovely 2100 sq. ft. home with a pool and spa in a lovely neighborhood, but because of the fall of real estate prices from 2008 through 2012, home prices had diminished to almost nothing.  Reza strategized on how we should present our home to maximize our ability to get the most money from it.  Through his wisdom and leadership, we were able to obtain more than our asking price, through a bidding war.

We highly recommend Reza Nour to our family, friends and neighbors.  We believe that if it wasn’t for his honesty, knowledge, perseverance, diligence, and downright wanting to represent his clients to the best of his abilities, we would not have been able to acquire what we did. 

We are attesting to Reza’s character and business acumen.  We have had other realtors in our lifetime, but no one can compare to Reza Nour.

Richard and Diane Reinard